A lot of customers email and ask us what our pricing is. We offer a range of services, which results in a range of costs. Our process for meeting with potential customers was established because there is a lot you need to know about our company and services before you attempt to compare pricing. If you have questions about our services and pricing please contact us about setting up a no obligation consultation.

In that consultation we will share with you the details of any and all of our services that interest you. The hope for us is that not only are your questions about our services and pricing answered, but the bigger question of  "Is this a company I can trust with my event?" is answered as well. Remember, you are not just buying a service when you hire your vendors, but the people that run them. Set up a consultation with us so that you can get to know us, or if you are from out of town set one up over the phone. Either way, we are excited to speak with you! ​Call us Now 813-298-3232

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The best way to get in touch with me is by calling 813-298-3232

John Jay

27221 SR 56 #110

​Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

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Phone:        (813) 298-3232

Email: JohnJay@FinestDeeJays.com

 John Jay

 Phone:  813-298-3232

 Email:   JohnJay@FinestDeeJays.com

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